Orpheus Rising

a feature film by award winning writer-director Maxim Jago

The story begins with Ash, a man who is kind and compassionate, killing someone in a way that is at once both loving and horrifying. A beautiful death.

Soon after, a chance encounter brings Rachel into his life. Rachel is feisty, disappointed with life to date, and ready for more – more of ‘something’. Within moments, just like the movies, the two are infatuated and in love.

Orpheus Rising tells the story of their love and the way it changes them both forever.

Orpheus Rising was originally inspired by an article in the Mail on Sunday Night and Day magazine – in 1996! The article describes the practice of ex-military personnel using innocuous London pubs as a meeting place for clients offering mercenary work. In fact, much of that work was on behalf of governments, including the British Government.

The first few drafts of the script focused heavily on the violence of the work Ash performs, but as both the story and the writer matured, there was a shift towards the emotional significance and conflict between Ash’s work and the relationship that blossoms between him and Rachel.

Here’s the original article, shown with kind permission by the Mail on Sunday.