Orpheus Rising

a feature film by award winning writer-director Maxim Jago

Shooting a taster

by Maxim Jago

We're shooting a taster for Orpheus Rising! August will see us filming scenes that make up the central themes of Orpheus Rising. These scenes are intercut in the short film, leading us to an emotional cliffhanger. We will be running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the short film and already have positive interest from two major camera manufacturers who we are hoping will supply camera and grip equipment. More on this soon!


Maxim Jago

Visuals coming soon

by Maxim Jago

Finally started work on a new set of visuals, storyboards and teaser trailers for Orpheus Rising!

Welcome to the new site!

by Maxim Jago

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Emily Blandford, Michael Peyton, Terry Green, and Lorna Gangel for their fantastic work bringing orpheusrising.com to life.

This website is the product of a great deal of effort and I'm immensely proud of the results...


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