Orpheus Rising

a feature film by award winning writer-director Maxim Jago

A contract killer falls in love, and then…

Orpheus Rising is a love story thriller based on an award winning script, written and directed by Maxim Jago.

Ash is an unusual contract killer. He has compassion. He gives his targets dignity. But while their deaths are kind, they’re no less awful. There’s no such thing as a beautiful death, cares of the past thrown to the wind while loving hands carry you across that angry or that glimmering sea…

He gets his work from John, ‘the man in the suit’ and an old friend. It’s not much, after army life, but it is, after all, ‘a life’.

One day, by chance, Ash meets Rachel – young, beautiful, with fire in her belly but frustrated with what life has to offer.

Rachel is perfect - alive, caring, fearless, she shows Ash how to be human again. Rachel wanted to know where the real men are – the men who mean what they say and aren’t afraid of their own tail. She’d given up hope...

The two fall truly, madly, deeply, completely in love.

But Rachel knows nothing of Ash’s work or who he is, and as he reveals his past, she struggles to accept all of her new man. Ash tries to change - to quit his work and find a normal job. But the past just won’t let him go.

Can he find his own, beautiful death?

An Orphic journey, a tale of personal responsibility and change, Orpheus Rising is a story about purpose.